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'Rainbow Over Moscow' is track of the week on Revival Synth

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

What a good start into the new week! Your Funny Uncle's latest track 'Rainbow Over Moscow' has been chosen as one of the tracks of the week 04/07/2021 on Revival Synth. Revival Synth is a site that supports artists from the current electro- and synth-scene all over the world. It's where you can find and share all sorts of new and interesting synth-sounds and fantastic artists.

'Rainbow Over Moscow' is a celebration of the LGBTQ-Community and stands for freedom, pride and love! It was released as a 4-track-EP on June 4th 2021 and is available as a single version, an extended disco mix, an extended disco dub and an instrumental version. You can get it on most streaming platforms, in online shops and of course here on the website of Your Funny Uncle in the music section.

Find all the relevant links to the release here.

Check out Revival Synth bellow.

Check Revival Synth here, it's worth it:

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