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Out now - Flag Remixes EP

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Your Funny Uncle's new EP Flag Remixes has been released today and is available in the music section of this website, through the usual streaming services and in online shops.

The original version of Flag is available since June 3rd 2022 and can be found on Your Funny Uncle's album Flag. It's an empowerment song to support the LGBTQ-community and the opener of the album, which also contains several new versions of beloved tracks by Your Funny Uncle.

Flag Remixes includes four fabulous and exclusive remixes/versions of Flag:

  • Flag (Extended Mix)

  • Flag (Dub Mix)

  • Flag (Bobbytek Remix)

  • Flag (Instrumental)

The extended mix, the dub mix and the instrumental version were mixed by Your Funny Uncle. The Bobbytek remix was (obviously) mixed by Bobbytek.

DJ Bobbytek is originally from Italy and lives in Zurich. His style is progressive and mainly strait techno and he manages to impress the masses, wherever he is dj-ing. In the past, he had the chance to prove his sense for pulsating sounds on different occasions around Europe side by side with big names of the dance music scene.

Bobbytek has also remixed Your Funny Uncle's Online. If you like Bobbytek, follow and support him on Mixcloud, Facebook, Instagram and/or SoundCloud.

Cover artwork of Flag Remixes

Teaser #5 for Flag Remixes.

Teasers 1 - 4 can be found here.

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