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Online Remixes Too EP - out now!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

You know what they say: all good things come in threes. Therefore, Your Funny Uncle is happy and proud to announce the brand new "Online Remixes Too"-EP. It's the third release of the beloved song, containing another four breathtaking versions.

  • Online (YFU Extended Mix)

  • Online (YFU Electro Dub)

  • Online (Bobby Bella 5G RMX)

  • Online (Instrumental)

All links to streaming services and onlines stores can be found here.

Cover artwork of the Online Remixes Too - EP

Cover artwork of each track on the EP:

Online (YFU Extended Mix)

The YFU Extended Mix has first been released on the CD 'electropop.20' on Conzoom Records in 2021. For this release, the track has been remastered by Your Funny Uncle.

Online (YFU Electro Dub)

The Electro Dub version has been mixed and produced by Your Funny Uncle and is exclusive to this release.

Online (Bobby Bella's 5G RMX)

Bobby Bella's 5G RMX was originally planed for the first remix EP and is finally officially released here. DJ Bobby Bella has included the track in many of his DJ sets, always creating ecstatic reactions on the dance floor.


Whether you want to prove your singing skills or just sing for yourself in the shower: Online (Instrumental) is for you!

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