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New song 'Lost In Space' out now!

'Lost In Space', the brand new single by Your Funny Uncle, is released today and available on the usual streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music etc., in online shops such as iTunes, Amazon Music, Bandcamp etc. and of course here on the website of Your Funny Uncle.

'Lost In Space' is a song about dependency and being lost. It describes a possible illusion in which one could find oneself. The vocals are a clever mixture of real voice and vocoder. The style of singing changes drastically from calm to ecstatic between verse and chorus, which constantly alters the mood of the song.

'Lost In Space' comes as a 2-track EP containing the original single version and an extended mix by Your Funny Uncle.

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Original cover art work of Your Funny Uncle's 'Lost In Space'


Lost In Space

(verse 1)

Lost in space

That’s what you are

Cause you think

You are a star


You’re just one in a Million

Depending on someone’s opinion

Sometimes looser, sometimes winner

Are you saint or are you a sinner?

(verse 2)

Lost in space

Sometimes it seems

It‘s a race

Are we in teams?

(repeat chorus)

(verse 3)

Lost in space

Where do you go

It’s no shame

If you don’t know

(repeat chorus)

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