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New electropop.24 CD release includes extended mix of "Disco Wedding"

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

On March 31st 2023, the new CD electropop.24 has been released on conzoom records. As usual, it will be available in two different editions.

In addition to the regular single CD edition, there is also a Super Deluxe Fan Bundle available. It is strictly limited and includes the official CD plus four additional bonus CDs, featuring electronic artists from all over the world.

Your Funny Uncle's "Disco Wedding (Extended Mix)" is part of the Super Deluxe Fan Bundle on bonus CD 3. This version was originally released on Your Funny Uncle's album Flag in August 2022 and is also available on this website, in online shops and the usual streaming platforms. The original single version of Disco Wedding can be found here.

"I am very happy and particulary proud to be part of the amazing electropop series again."
Your Funny Uncle

"electropop.24 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)" is available through the website of conzoom records as long as stock lasts. Please keep in mind, that it is strictly limited. When sold out, only the regular CD with 13 songs will be available.

Further information on "electropop.24 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)" such as CD cover artwork and tracking list can be found bellow.

Cover artwork for the official CD album "electropop.24"

Cover artwork of all five CDs included in "electropop.24 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)"

Tracking list:

"electropop.24" - official CD

01. delta dreams - all day (extended mix)

02. ee:man - stay n fight (remix)

03. eva x - machine (grendel remix)

04. humans can't reboot - nuclear love (narconic remix)

05. kim lunner feat. iselin main grønvold - the only way (full length version)

06. pacific deep - beyond repair (future past mix)

07. planet neil - outsider (extended mix)

08. provision - still (mindmodvl extended)

09. sedona port - i can do anything (extended)

10. sonar 4 - another time (fused extended remix)

11. the gliding faces feat. neil francis- now you're in trouble (lord and master dance mix)

12. unify separate - solitude & i (rupesh cartel remix)

13. violentene - september falls (full length version)

Bonus CD 1 - lord and master (only available in the Super Deluxe Fan Bundle of electropop.24)

01. lord and master - follow me

02. lord and master - one night

03. lord and master - whatever you say (dek101 remix)

04. lord and master - white lies

05. lord and master - i heard it in the 80s

06. lord and master - underprepared

07. lord and master - the most toys

08. lord and master - distant flickering.wav

09. lord and master - the haunting

10. lord and master - the fact of the matter

Bonus CD 2 - additional tracks (only available in the Super Deluxe Edition of electropop.24)

01. acke - testarossa e vino rosso

02. after the rain - vicius mind

03. angry pete - searching for the simple life

04. antilav - why

05. clayfeet - don't talk (calm t while others sleep remix)

06. climate zombies - choices

07. color theory - wrath

08. cosaquitos en globo - fast cars

09. cpu suckers - dreamstarter (acke synthwave remix)

10. cyber monday feat. equino - guest

11. daniel hall - resurrection

12. diarblack - seele (device not ready synthwave remix)

13. eckotrigger - new narcissism

14. farmacia - vos y yo

Bonus CD 3 - additional tracks (only available in the Super Deluxe Edition of electropop.24)

01. ironic sweden - icu

02. kris 'halo' pierce ft. tijen - blue flower

03. leopld - salvation

04. lifelong corporation - lovers (energy long version)

05. lord and master - sos

06. maschinengeist - gedankenfalle

07. nature of wires + machina x - dance with me

08. planet neil - imperial phase

09. r.u.i.n. feat. richard pustina - city of god

10. softwave - system failure

11. somegirl - play sugar play xx

12. the grey disorder - amber downside

13. the safety word - vanity life

14. your funny uncle - disco wedding (extended mix)

Bonus CD 4 - cyborgdrive remixes vol.2 (only available in the Super Deluxe Edition of electropop.24)

01. arctic sunrise - 200 souls (cyborgdrive remix)

02. red storm - red storm (cyborgdrive remix)

03. pos2 - neonlicht (cyborgdrive remix)

04. in good faith - shadows (cyborgdrive remix)

05. pleasure time - i will not repeat (cyborgdrive remix)

06. soulimage - human kind (cyborgdrive remix)

07. schwarzschild - bis zum ende der zeit (cyborgdrive remix)

08. telekon - lost for the first time (cyborgdrive remix)

09. audiotherapie - nomophobie (cyborgdrive remix)

10. wolfgang flür - pleasure lane (cyborgdrive remix)

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