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"Lost In Space" reaches top 5 on Artefaktor Top 20

Your Funny Uncle's new track "Lost In Space" peaked at number 5 on last week's Artefaktor Top 20 radio show. The show aired on Saturday, 20th November on Artefaktor Radio and was packed with superb electro tracks by artists from all over the world. If you missed it or would like to hear it again, you can do so here. It's absolutely worth it!

As usual, listeners of the Artefaktor Sneak Peek Radio Show had the possibility, to vote for their favorite tune during last week. The first 20 songs made it into the Artefaktor Top 20 of following Saturday. The Artefaktor Sneak Peek Radio Show aired on November 15th, you can listen to it here.

'Lost In Space' is a song about dependency and being lost. It describes a possible illusion in which one could find oneself. The vocals are a clever mixture of real voice and vocoder. The style of singing changes drastically from calm to ecstatic between verse and chorus, which constantly alters the mood of the song. It comes as a 2-track EP containing the original single version and an extended mix remixed by Your Funny Uncle.

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