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"Language Is A Weapon" is part of compilation CD-album electropop.23

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Today, 25th November 2022, the compilation album "electropop.23" has been released on conzoom records. Like its predecessors, "electropop.23" will be available in different editions.

In addition to the regular single CD edition of "electropop.23", there is available a Super Deluxe Edition limited to 150 copies. It includes the official CD plus four additional bonus CDs, featuring a total of 63 fantastic songs by electronic artists from all over the world. Your Funny Uncle is proud to be part of the Super Deluxe Edition with Language Is A Weapon on bonus CD 2. The song was originally released on 1st April 2022 on this website, in online shops and the usual streaming platforms.

"electropop.23 (Super Deluxe Edition)" can be ordered on the website of conzoom records as long as stock lasts. Keep in mind though, that it is strictly limited to 150 copies. When sold out, only the regular CD with 13 songs will be available.

Bellow you can find all 63 tracks featured on the five CDs of "electropop.23 (Super Deluxe Edition)" and the corresponding CD covers.

"electropop.23" - official CD

01. afterdark - what do you know about love (extended mix)

02. echo image - walk my mind (apoptygma berzerk remix)

03. erotic elk feat. karin my - watching you (full length version)

04. exciting valence - miracle (long version)

05. karin my - voices (not lars remix)

06. merge - red valentine (extended version)

07. modovar - another heart (geoff pinckney remix)

08. nite - lost souls (mesh remix)

09. sjöblom – brand new life (ohne nomen remix)

10. spektralized - pretend to be the star (midnight resistance remix)

11. the echoing green - sanctuary (assemblage 23 mix)

12. xanthippe - diver ( remix)

13. xp8 - back to light (people theatre's sparkle mix)

Bonus CD 1 - only available in the Super Deluxe Edition of electropop.23

01. candy corn ritual - bats 02. climate zombies - fool 03. color theory - crystal 04. covered in snow - miljonprogrammet 05. demokratie - speed fight date (radio edit) 06. disrupted being - sailor 07. echo image - mono no aware 08. ee:man - echoes of life (minimal eemix) 09. folk är folk - sommarregn 10. hall & newton - be yourself (original mix) 11. hatif - repetition 12. kibeatzer & nick ray - tread lightly (radio edit) 13. kim lunner - let's breathe in

Bonus CD 2 - only available in the Super Deluxe Edition of electropop.23

01. lifelong corporation - here i am

02. munich syndrome - revenge (extended)

03. nature of wires - no need

04. nick ray - 85

05. numana state - nothing you can say

06. ottoextrem - hilf dir selbst (steven snomed pico remix)

07. pleasure time - pleasure (3 seconds before dying remix)

08. r.u.i.n. feat. richard pustina - we deny love (people theatre's lie mix)

09. sombre moon - out of control

10. split vision - you and me

11. technique - burning (pleasure time remix)

12. the safety word - blue oceans (yuri kim remix)

13. your funny uncle - language is a weapon

Bonus CD 3 - only available in the Super Deluxe Edition of electropop.23

01. sommerliebe

02. echolot (device not ready remix)

03. thunder (kim lunner remix)

04. storm (exclusive version)

05. autumn eyes (toal remix)

06. safe harbour (chem remix)

07. lost for words (isunray remix)

08. nobody else but you (fluke version)

09. wake me (collapse project remix)

10. escape '21

Bonus CD 4 - only available in the Super Deluxe Edition of electropop.23

01. psyche - unveiling the secret (rename dub)

02. zoon politicon - new conscience (rename dub)

03. rename - i only wanted to be an orchestra (dub mix)

04. the echoing green - suffer (rename dub)

05. saudade - bad dreams (rename dub)

06. pristina - skies (rename dub)

07. rename - maybe later i will fall (dub mix)

08. provision - pocw (rename dub)

09. wave in head - i hate to be in love (rename dub)

10. people theatre feat. aidan casserly - catalina (rename dub)

11. eloquent - carte blanche (rename dub)

12. provision - ideal (rename dub)

13. wanted ‎– hard to breathe (rename dub)

14. rename - reciprocal (dub mix)

The Super Deluxe Edition of electropop.23 contains four bonus CDs

Original cover artwork of Your Funny Uncle's Language Is A Weapon

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