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Flag on first digital release of electropop

Your Funny Uncle is very excited and proud to announce, that the song Flag is part of the first digital release of the successful electropop-series.

electropop.web 1 will officially be released on 14th September 2023, but can already be bought and downloaded now on the website of the record label conzoom Records.

After fifteen years of electropop and conzoom Records, the label launches electropop.web 1, a digital-only edition of the successful series.

electropop.web is the perfect complement to the physical releases of electropop. And here, too, there are the usual 13 tracks per volume.

These artists and tracks are included on electropop.web 1:

01. a million machines - in this cell 02. alex braun - tomorrow 03. cl-20 feat. antilav - in the rain 04. eckotrigger - envy in me 05. hidden souls - sinking in despair (edit version) 06. janosch moldau - light for me (extended mix) 07. merry chicklit - fireman (restriction 9 remix) 08. neon space men - follow me (extended) 09. planet neil - low rise (extended mix) 10. re:active - escape velocity (mindmodvl remix) 11. somegirl - lace & curls xx 12. the grab society - underrated (extended demokratie remix) 13. your funny uncle - flag

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