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New EP Trilogy: Flesh Trash Heat out now

Updated: Apr 19

Your Funny Uncle's new EP Trilogy: Flesh Trash Heat has been released today, April 5th 2024. It is now available in the music section of this website, on Bandcamp, in other online shops and through the usual streaming services.

Trilogy: Flesh Trash Heat includes three new songs and one epilogue track:

  • Flesh

  • Trash

  • Heat

  • Trilogy Ends

All tracks were written and produced by Your Funny Uncle.

Trilogy: Flesh Trash Heat was inspired by the underground film trilogy FLESH/TRASH/HEAT, produced by Andy Warhol in his famous Factory between 1968 and 1972. All three films were directed by Paul Morrissey and had Joe Dallesandro in the leading role.

Some anecdotes about the films

Flesh (1968) was filmed on location in New York and is characterised by its seemingly amateurish style, which sets it apart from conventional Hollywood productions. The original film material is full of sound and image jumps, and the image is sometimes blurred or ends abruptly.

Trash (1970) is more professional in terms of editing and sound. The actress Sissy Spacek, who was still unknown at the time, made a small appearance, but this was later edited out. It was also filmed on location in New York.

Heat (1972) was set in Hollywood. The property where Sally Todd lives in the film was Boris Karloff's former mansion. The scenes in the hotel, on the other hand, were shot in New York.

About the EP

Trilogy: Flesh Trash Heat was conceived as an homage to the artist Andy Warhol, to the Factory, to art and to the era around the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s, but also to the city of New York then and now. Over 50 years ago, it was a time of upheaval (isn't it always?), insecurity, sexual revolution, war, rebellion, experimentation with drugs, (then) new technologies and so much more. With all its beautiful but also dark sides. And actually not significantly different from today.

All songs on Trilogy are intended to work both in conjunction with the films and the era, but also completely independently of them.

Teaser 6: Flesh (lyrics)

Teaser 7: Trash (lyrics)

Teaser 8: Heat (lyrics)

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