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Your Funny Uncle remix on forthcoming Parralox release "Holiday 21/22"

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Your Funny Uncle is delighted and proud to be part of the forthcoming CD Holiday '21/'22 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle) by Australian synth pop band Parralox with an exclusive remix of the song But Not Tonight.

Parralox was formed by John von Ahlen in 2008. Since then, they released many fantastic albums, remixes and cover versions. As a matter of fact, But Not Tonight is a cover version. The song was originally released by synth pop gods Depeche Mode back in 1986.

Holiday 21/22 is a special seasonal album with great and timeless cover versions of old classics and will be released by end of March. The release combines both the previously digital-only "Holiday '21" tracks and the new songs from the current digital "Holiday '22" edition exclusively on CD. In addition, there are some excellent and exclusive remixes of various songs that appeared on current and previous "Holiday" albums.

The Super Deluxe Fan Bundle of Holiday 21/22 includes the original CD as well as three additional bonus CDs. But Not Tonight (Your Funny Uncle Remix) will be available exclusively on bonus CD 1 (Holiday Remixed - Volume One) of this release. Please keep in mind that Holiday 21/22 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle) is strictly limited to 150 copies worldwide. You can order your copy here as long as stock lasts.

Cover artwork of the original CD Holiday 21/22

Tracking list:

Holiday ´21/'22 (CD PLOX 38): 01. Ghosts Again 02. I Wanna Be Adored 03. Fade to Grey 04. Wind of Change (Version) 05. Under My Skin 06. Malibu 07. Any Way You Want It 08. All Over The World 09. Old L.A. Tonight Bonus: 10. I Wanna Be Adored (LorD and Master Remix) 11. Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me (Fused Remix) 12. Being Boiled - Fade To Grey (Mashup) 13. Goodbye Berlin (Birmingham Electric U-Bahn Reconstruction Instrumental)

Bonus CD 1: Holiday Remixed - Volume One: 01. I Wanna Be Adored (LorD and MASTER Radio Edit) 02. But Not Tonight (CPU Suckers Eurosynth Remix) 03. Black Celebration (Reflection Remix) 04. Heart of Glass (Angry Pete Remix) 05. I'm Not Scared (Planet Neil Mix) 06. Lucretia My Reflection (Halo Remix) 07. I Wanna Be Adored (Candy Corn Ritual Remix) 08. But Not Tonight (Your Funny Uncle Remix) 09. Heart of Glass (EGOamp Remix) 10. Ghosts Again (Your Silent Face Remix) Bonus CD 2: Demos and Rarities - Volume 3: 01. Who's On The Menu (V3) 02. Marianne (C10.5 V1A) 03. Lucretia My Reflection (V1) 04. A Question of Lust (V3) 05. Only After Dark (V1) 06. ade to Grey (V1) 07. Rock 'n' Roll - Nightclubbing (V2) 08. Home (V2 Instrumental) 09. The Touchables (V1) 10. Crow and a Baby (V2 Instrumental) Bonus CD 3: State Of Decay - The Demos: 01. When The Walls Came Tumbling Down (Demo 04.03.2009) 02. Time (Guide Vox) (Demo 22.03.2009) 03. How Do You Break A Robot's Heart (Demo 21.04.2009) 04. Peter (Demo 27.05.2009) 05. I'm Alive (Demo 21.06.2009) 06. Isn't It Strange (Demo V1 - 29.06.2009) 07. Moonwalking (Demo V2 - 23.07.2009) 08. Touched By The Hand of God (Extended Demo 16.09.2009) 09. The Hunger (Demo 32.02.2010)

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